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OscarAI - Your Personal Writing Copilot ✍️

Empower your writing with OscarAI, the private writing assistant that keeps it cool. Access AI-powered writing assistant online, for your daily content writing and editing needs.

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Power of Privacy and Performance in Your Hands

Tone Adjustment

Switch seamlessly between tones like professional, confident for maximum impact.


Revamp your content with OscarAI's cutting-edge paraphrasing tool.

Intuitive User Experience

OscarAI's interface makes advanced writing tools accessible.

Voice Notes and Summary

OscarAI can now summarize your ramblings into well written text.

Custom Prompts

You can also try out your own custom prompts, like 'Write a leave application...'


We do not use your data to train or fine-tune our models and also do not store your data anywhere.

Writing CoPilot

A writing tool that is always by your side.